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No more Florida, your option is Rockport, TX.    Great fishing.    The same weather as Florida.    With a lot fewer people.   Inquire about a trip:  Livelybaits@aol.com, 727-692-6345.     Set up your trip,

Beautiful scenery, clear waters and great fishing are also on the agenda!  The “kayak fishing craze” is here to stay.  Fishing kayaks are stable and much more comfortable than the kayaks of the past.  Get first class instruction on using the kayaks to get to fish others cannot access and “learn it the right way!”

You will be provided with all the equipment and instruction to make your trip a very enjoyable experience.  That consists of the kayaks, the fishing equipment, tackle and the information on how to use it all.   I will make you “better at fishing.”  I evaluate your skills and add to them with what I know.

You will receive complete instruction on paddling and using your craft as well as fishing techniques that are related to the species of fish that will be targeted. Pre-trip instructions will make the initial experience easy.   You will learn all aspects of inshore kayak fishing, including “trip planning”, safety, tides/weather, how to set-up on a fishing spot, how to scout an area, what to look for when stalking your prey, landing fish and setting up a proper drift on the flats.

  • Full Day, 3/4 Day and half day trips
  • Spinning or fly-fishing
  • Pick up and drop off service available
  • Comfortable kayaks.    A very enjoyable way to spend some time.

Safety first: There are dangers to fishing in certain conditions that Strike Three Kayak Fishing strives to avoid.   Having an enjoyable experience and returning safely is achieved by making good decisions.  Should inclement weather arise, a decision to reschedule an outing eliminates dangerous risks.

Get a crack at a “fish of a lifetime” but also learn the skills you need to try to get back out there and do it on your own.   You are “investing in knowledge” with everything you learn about kayaks, the fish you will be catching and the advanced techniques of casting, using lures and fighting the fish.  World class fish are always a possibility.

All equipment provided is top quality and professionally maintained.   Equipment and tackle selections are made on a basis of performance and durability.  My sponsors are first class.   The greatest in the fishing industry.

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