Digital imageNeil is the best fishing teacher I have ever encountered.     Now, I can compete in tournaments and stand a chance.   All due to what Neil taught me.

Neil Taylor.    Thank you for a tremendous day on the water.  It exceeded all our expectations.  We were talking:  We would have had fun even if the fishing was bad.     I intentionally didn’t tell you about my kids.   Eggheads aren’t they?   They are great but outdoor stuff has never been their strength.    I was in awe.   I watched you assess it.   I watched you address it.  Then I saw you really teach.    I can’t believe they both out fished me!   Honestly.    I’m fairly good at it compared to the whole population.     Now, they aren’t at expert level but you brought their skill base and knowledge up so far, so fast I am humbled by your abilities AND your dedication to what you do.    They CAN’T stop talking about it.     Heroes with their other computer nerds now, they want to get kayaks.    Let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you.  What you have done for me is irreplaceable.    I now have sons who want to go fishing.    Ronny

Neil.    It was a pleasure.   Literally.   You came highly recommended.   I thought, whatever, I always wanted to fish there and I have a trip planned.      I heard the stories.  They didn’t tell me everything.    You taught me things about fishing I would have never thought of.     And, can you believe this (I didn’t tell you), I had the two biggest fishing days I have ever had in my life.  And I consider myself pretty good at it.   I don’t think I’ll ever forget your assessment after day 2:   “That wasn’t bad.”     I would like to see what you think is great.    You do a nice job for your customers.    I will be coming back.     KC

I had the pleasure of fishing with Neil over a couple of days during a business trip to St. Petersburg. I’ve fished with guides all over the country but this was my first experience in a kayak. Over the two days we were on the water, Neil demonstrated that he not only understands the intricacies of kayak fishing…but provided a service level transcending that offered by others in the industry. Being my first kayak experience, I truly appreciated the insights and techniques that he shared with me and by the second day, my skills and abilities in the yak were definitely on the rise! I’ll be able to use the information he provided me for years to come.

Oh, and the fishing… it was pretty darn good! Neil put me on fish both days. When the bite tailed off in one spot he moved us to other spots where we continued catching fish. An excellent trip with Strike Three Kayak Fishing! If you ever find yourself in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area for business or pleasure, reach out to Neil and book a unique fishing experience. I did… and it was very memorable!

Dan Draz

I went out with Neil because of a friend.    His recommendation, the best thing that has ever happened to me.   Neil was not only right on with instruction for me to make this my hobby, HE IS FUNNY.    He entertained me all day long WHILE teaching me how to catch fish.    Neil is what I would classify as an Expert in his chosen field.   He cares about how that day goes, he cares about how things go for his clients after that trip.    You cannot find anyone better than this guy.

Mo Dawson

What a great experience fishing with a guide as knowledgeable and personable as Neil! Both my buddy and I quickly felt completely at ease and realized that there were no questions too foolish to ask. Neil was patient and helpful in all aspects of our outing, and genuinely interested in ensuring that we had an enjoyable day of fishing, in addition to being an unforgettable learning experience. Neil provides stable kayaks and all of the tackle and gear necessary for the species of fish targeted. As a bonus if you enjoy talking baseball, Neil is a career expert at that as well. I finally figured out why his charter fishing business is called Strike Three Kayak Fishing! Cheers to you Neil.        Rick R and Derek H

Neil’s a fishing guide and a teacher. He freely shares his knowledge and love of the aquatic environment. You’ll go home with fish and a far greater knowledge of when, how and where to catch them. We’ve never been with another guide who was so open and so giving.  Plus, the kayaks add an intimate and relaxing aspect to fishing. Highly recommended. And, oh yes, his cooking tips are spot on.  Judson B. , Kaaron B.

I have gone on to place in the top of nearly every tournament I have entered since I got the training from Neil.  I didn’t realize how little I knew until he started talking about the kayaks, the fishing, the tides, the winds and weather and all the other details.   This was a valuable investment for me and the best money I have ever spent.


Neil is probably the best teacher I have encountered in my lifetime.   He is patient and he can get to the bottom of what you need to become a better angler.    A good teacher works hard.    I have been out with Neil four times and every time is the same:   He is putting in an effort to my my fishing charter an investment in my fishing future.


Neil Taylor cares about our fishery.   Neil Taylor has taught me how to be a more conscientious member of our fishery.   Neil had no qualms about speaking up when everyone else put their heads in the sand.    Neil is the exact reason why I believe in (certain) people.    If the world was filled with Neil Taylor’s, it would work a lot better.

Jeff Daniel

Hey, I hope you post this.    I followed Mr. Taylor for years before I used him to take my family out when I had some in from out of town.    He is impressive in stature but you should really see him at work on the water.    He taught everyone “a better way” to do, well, basically everything.   He has patience.  He has desire for success.   He is the exact type person I want doing  the exact same task in the future.     This guy WORKS HARD.    Book him for a trip and enjoy great benefits the rest of your life because of it.

James Pryor


I wanted to add to the many satisfied testimonials you have received.

After many years of freshwater fishing, offshore fishing and spearfishing, I decided a couple of years ago to take up flats fishing. I figured the best way to learn how was to go out with guides and have been with many, both in flats and bay boats and in kayaks. No one has shown the depth of knowledge and patience to deal with flats fishers of various skill levels than you.

Each kayak trip with you has been myself and a friend. Those friends have enjoyed the trips as much as I have. I caught my biggest trout to date on my first trip and one of my friends (on a later trip with us) got an inshore slam on his first kayak fishing trip.

Thanks for the great guiding and sharing your knowledge of technique with me. I will continue to recommend you, above all other guides, to my friends and acquaintances.

Bill Gregg

This was an eye opener.    Neil taught me more in one day on the water than I knew in all my years of fishing.   He has such an eye for what needs to be changed.   He has a teaching method that is extremely efficient.    I will go out with Neil again to bring my skills up yet another level.

Ben T.

Neil is what I would call a “best asset” to the entire fishing community.  He taught me how to fish.  He did that very well.   I am only successful because I got his training.   What Neil does for the entire community from capmel.com to dealing with state issues, he is a level above anyone else I have ever known.    Things would not be as good as they are if there was no Neil Taylor.    He works hard.

Bobby Graham

Hi Neil,

I want to thank you for that great introduction to Hurricane Pass
(maybe we should call it “Thunderstorm Hole at Hurricane Pass” lol)
and Caladesi Island… You really did select a great time to show me
the area, and I know this introduction will provide some great fishing
in the near future! Not to mention, the stunning scenery and easy,
pleasant social possibilities for enjoying that area. You are
obviously very thoughtful in putting your guide trips together, and
that is a perfect area for me to learn at this time. You couldn’t have
chosen a better place to take me.

I did go over to the cove by Dog Beach yesterday… I found at least
three schools of reds, all bunched up, and none of them eating
anything I could throw at them…. 😦    It was the same the last time
I went in there a few months ago. I stopped by the sandbar on the way
back to the launch and did catch a couple more trout, both about 14

This winter, I have never found big trout in cold weather or just
following cold weather. Is that just coincidence, or is this normal?
And during the cooler months, most of the bigger trout I’ve found
later in the day… I’m guessing because the water’s warmer then. Any
insight you can give me here would be appreciated.

I’m really looking forward to our next trip, but I can be patient.
Just let me know when a good time might be to target some snook, and
I’ll be there!

Thanks again, Neil. It was great to meet you, and to go fishing with you!

Take care,

Neil taught me how to do it.   Henceforth I started winning tournaments and all my personal days on the water are very successful.

Neil does this “whole picture” thing that brings everything together.   I can still hear his input when certain situations come up.

He should charge more for his services because what he provides is more valuable than just about any other option in the industry.

If you want to be better at this sport, contact Neil and let him do for you what he did for me.

Hi Neil,

I hope this finds you well…

I went out yesterday by the pass, found plentiful trout in the cut you
showed me… not the big ones you found recently, but mostly slot
size, up to about 19 inches, with some dinks mixed in. Paddled over
towards the bushes in the skinny flat, found redfish everywhere, lots
of activity. I couldn’t get them to bite, though. (Well, I got
strikes, but no hookups.) I saw Dave and Melissa, and they were doing
OK with them in one spot. I paddled back over to the cut and fished
the trout some more…. the later crowd was generally composed of
larger fish. I stopped counting after two dozen. There was good water
movement yesterday.

For some reason, the bright and light colors weren’t producing
yesterday, but red/gold and new penny were favorites. Greenback also
did OK. Even a chartreuse Love’s slugger tail wouldn’t create any
action…. ??? Also, I caught some on weedless, but they liked the
baits better on a jighead. The buzz-tail Producto generated more
action than the DOA jerkbaits, but they got torn up pretty fast. I
think I caught six decent size trout on one DOA before it started
looking a little ragged…. I caught my largest fish on the big, 5.5″
DOA baits with the long-hook DOA jigheads. Coincidence, or do the
bigger fish like bigger baits (or was my technique better with these
baits)?? I also caught a couple of small pinfish on the big DOA
baits…. funny, the “catch” was half the size of the bait! I was
thinking of putting a pinfish on a hook to fish for the reds, but I
didn’t have the right kind of hook with me… something to try next

One of these days I want to paddle over by the channel, see if I can
find any pompano.

I hope to get out there again tomorrow with my son. Yesterday, I test
paddled the second kayak (The Ride), which was quite a bit slower than
my boat but SUPER stable, couldn’t tip it over if I tried, good for
beginners, I guess, and I got it cheap… I hear some people stand in
these to sight fish. Hmmm, I’m not brave enough yet to try that….

Take it easy,

For any of you folks out there who want to learn about kayak fishing,
Neil Taylor is the man to contact.  I’m new to the sport and nearly
70 years old, so I was looking for some help.  Neil took me to a spot
where he taught me lots about tackle and technique.  What test line
and leader?  What sizes and colors of baits to use?  What rigging
improvements to make so that my kayak was more efficient for
fishing?   I got it all from Neil in a patient and really friendly
manner.  What else could anyone want in a guide?

By the way, I caught more than a dozen trout!

Bob Kamen
Gulfport, FL

I would like to tell you about my experience fishing with Neil Taylor.   I had no idea how much goes into kayak fishing.   Now, I know what to do on and off the water.   I went from someone who was brand new to the sport to competitive after just one trip with him.    He has told me if I go again, he will build me to an even higher level, so this guy works hard at it and he has a plan for everyone.   It is rare to see such diligence and expertise all rolled into one.    If this is your sport, you are missing out if you don’t get trained by Mr. Taylor

Herb Roberts
Hello Neil,

Thanks you for taking Byron and I out this last Friday.

We both had a great time and needless to say Byron is most keen to go again.

We spent today, Sunday, looking at kayaks, the choices are many at varying prices.  I’m unsure just now what we are going to buy.

Tandem kayak would be an immediate solution and least expense, I don’t think he will want to tandem for very long.  I think we would purchase sit on top for the easiest on / off.

Any thoughts or comments you may have  would be most helpful?

When you have the opportunity please email the photo or Byron holding his first red fish.

Should you hear of any used kayak or good deals please let me know?

How long will that location that we fished be good for, given seasonal changes and fish migratory pattern?

Thanks again for a great experience we hope to go out again with you in the future.

John Gillett.

oh yeah there was alot i mean bait all morning even until 2 ish when we got off the water, incredible, i just sat and thought with the moon phase, and all this food these fish are very very happy and tight lipped. Neil Im going in but i like to talk some more on this. and um you know what you really have helped me alot, some people will never know how much your helps means but i have to say that i have been around since April and fished alot, with different people, learned alot from P-F, and people I fished with, But you showed me to have fun and built my confidence to where I fish with arti’s and have no problem keeping the bucket off the kayak. But that doesnt mean i been set free

Thanks for the trip and all of the fishing tips and lures.  I am sure that the information that you provided will make my kayak fishing days more productive.  I appreciate you taking the time, rain or shine, to pursue the garbage grand slam.  Even though I didn’t catch much, it was better than my previous saltwater fishing from the shore.

I asked my wife where we saw your advertisement, and it was at the marine shop near Fresh Market near Countryside mall.  It was a poster board announcing you were going to be speaking at the store.

Thanks again,
Justin Bushko

What can I say?  The best money I have ever spent?    Precisely.    Neil is more than a fishing guide.  He is an instructor, a very talented and dedicated instructor.    I have experienced a lot in my lifetime.   The good and the bad.    One day of fishing with Neil and my fishing experiences have improved 1000%.    He teaches it all.    If you don’t get it the first time, he will explain it a different way.    One huge thing I took away from my time with Neil, he said to me “Just look around.  Even if the fishing isn’t good, isn’t this the right place to be?”   I had to agree.    Improving my fishing was the goal but I have improved my whole life by spending more time out there on the water, seeing what he was talking about and making the rest of my life more relaxed and enjoyable.    Thank you Neil Taylor

Davey K.

Hey Neil,

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.  I’ve been nursing my badly burnt legs since I got back.  I can’t believe I let that happen, but on to happier thoughts.

I can’t thank you enough for the great time I had yesterday.  The weather was great, the conversation was excellent, and the fishing fantastic.  On top of that I gained great knowledge that will make future fishing adventures even better than the ones I’ve done in the past.  It’s hasn’t always about catching fish before but my perspective has changed to some degree.  Using artificials with smashed down barbs is a great way to fish.  It keeps the fish from swallowing hooks and makes releasing them so much easier.

You also gave me the information I needed to get the best deal on a kayak.  I’ve mainly looked at the low end kayaks because money is pretty tight around here, but I’ll be checking Craig’s list and other web sites for a used kayak that’s rigged and ready to go.  I really liked the one you had me in.  It rode nice and the seat, was comfortable and had plenty of room for my needs.

As for the fish, I butchered the first one so badly I don’t think his mother would have recognized him.  Then I went on google and saw pictures on how to do it correctly.  The others looked much better.  They tasted really good too.  I did end up breading them and putting them in the oven.  My wife and daughter were very impressed.  Now that they think I know what I’m doing they want to go out too.  Now I just have to go find my own spots.

Thanks again for a trip I’ll always remember.  I look forward to seeing you Saturday at the show.



Brandt and I just wanted to thank you again for a great day on the water Wednesday.  Both putting us on fish and the good advice on everything from baits to kayaks was really helpful and appreciated. You had said that your purpose was both to educate and to guide and that really proved very true.  Thanks again and we look forward to fishing with you and seeing you at seminars in the future.

Best Wishes,

John Burton

My full endorsement: I didn’t think I’d be able to catch fish like I saw on the TV shows from a kayak.   I took a trip with Neal and I got a 34 inch snook to eat a lure on the second cast of the day.   Ten minutes later he took me to “Redfish Country.”  I laughed when he said that until I hooked a 25 inch redfish two minutes later.
He talked me through using the kayak, the lures, fighting a fish and proper handling of the fish for release.   First class.   Thank you!   KD

I had a lot of fun at seminar- You’re like a pro golfer with his putter,making adjustments to length and weight-fine tuned.

Steve P.

Hey bud,
Saw you today approx 1 p.m. this afternoon driving South on McMullen
headed towards your place.  Assume you had a day trip and got wet.  We
got wet on Sunday out at Caladesi too.  Ended up catching 2 Reds on Sat
on Honeymoon side near the last Northern island and 2 on Sunday on
Caladesi side near the ICW.  I haven’t had a great month of catching
fish, but I’m still learning and I’m doing relatively good in our HKCAC
3-2-1 Slam tournament (currently 15th of 43 and hoping to improve this
week with a better Snook).  Just wanted to say thanks again for showing
me the basic ropes on fishing shallow water.  That was the best
investment I’ve made in a long time.  I really learned a lot from you
and I’m trying to put it all to good use.  Stay in touch & give a shout
if you’re over near Varsity or Grind House in the evenings.

Mark Knowles


First of all:  Wow.   I have never caught that many fish or any fish nearly that large and all on lures!   I have gone back out on my own with decent results but I definitely realize that you put me right on them!   I still hear the lessons you taught throughout the entire morning and I got way more out of it than what I paid for the trip.    You are a superb instructor.    Thank you for dealing with my incompetence and helping me to get 1000% better in almost no time at all!


I have been out with Neil on numerous occasions. He is a teacher, a fine fisherman, and most of all a gentleman. I have learned a great deal from Neil, but nothing as important as the protection and respect for the fishing environment that provides us so much joy. I have brought friends in from out-of-state to fish with Neil, and it is this quality that they talk about the most. Keep up the good work!


Sometimes I have to talk about an experience that is better than most others.    This is one such case.    Strike Three Kayak Fishing is a local treasure.  Neil Taylor is a guy who is dedicated to what he does.    He embraces the challenge to make everyone a better angler.    My own experiences on the water are 1000% better than they were before I went out a couple of times with this guy.    Honestly, he has a method that is so superior to other instruction I have ever received.    I would say that this was the best investment I have ever made, well, in anything my entire life.

Casey T.

This guy knows fish.   I now know a lot more about the fish.   You had to admire his confidence.   You had to appreciate it that what he predicted actually happened.   Afterward he said “It won’t always be this good,” a great lesson because now I go a lot and I have good days.  And like he said I have some days that are tougher.    That was good to hear that even he doesn’t catch fish all the time.    I had no idea how easy it would be to use lures to catch fish.  I had never done it before.    He talked me through it and I caught fish on my first cast of the day.   I caught a fish on my last cast of the day.      I caught about 60 fish overall including redfish, a snook and some really big trout.    Neil gave me an appreciation for what we have and the ability to go do it successfully on my own.    Thank you Neil

Stephen P.

I caught more fish with you than I caught in my entire life.  And I never used lures before that day.   It completely changed my thinking.    Thank you for what you offer.   I can honestly say that we could have caught no fish at all and it would have been an enjoyable day.   By my estimation, I caught 50 or more fish, something I would not have realized was possible.   I still tell my friends “Neil said *yea, it was an OK day* and they laugh”.   I wanted to tell you how impressive I found your services and your professionalism!


Hey Neil. Thanks for the reports and fun articles. You took me fishing in 2008 for the first time. You were so patient and followed through on the request to teach me kayak fishing. I now own five (yes, it is a lot) Native kayaks. It has become the main hobby for me, my fiancée and my two boys. I wanted to just let you know the impact you have had on our lives. We also use St Croix fishing rods after learning what a difference the right rod makes. I hope that things continue to go well for you. Speaking for my family, your dedication to your profession has meant great happiness in our lives.

John K.  Schaef

This guy.  This is my kind of guy.    Neil taught me how to do it all.  Now I enjoy it all.    I had no idea how much there was to it.    He walked me right through it and let me call him and help me out after the trip.   I have recommended dozens of people to him because of it.    Wow.  Wow is all I can say about Neil T.

Galen Jordan

My wife and I went on a guided trip with you on our own kayaks last summer. You really taught us a lot. We have had tremendous success since the you guided us. We always catch fish and are able to target redfish, trout, snook and flounder. April landed a 24 inch beast of a sea trout on Memorial Day and I bagged a 22 inch redfish and a bunch of trout.