Sitting down to hear Neil speak:   One of the best things you can do if you want to get better at fishing.  Neil has been on stage talking fishing for 14 years.     Before that he was an instructor for baseball umpires.     If you attend, you will learn something every time.

He still speaks at some of the boat shows.     But he does his own monthly seminar every month.   Fourth Thursday every month, 8th Avenue Pub in Safety Harbor.    A raffle at the end of the session, Neil talks on a subject but talks current events in fishing.IMG_0633(800x533)2

2019 Kayak Fishing Skool

A change of venue.    It will be at my new house.   I have the deck completed.     I will have the roof put in before the first meeting.      There will be hot coals, hot dogs and you can bring anything else you want to put over the coals.  I expect attendance to increase.   This will be fun.

More chairs will be added between now and January.    Decorative art for the outside wall arrives later this week.

The raffle continues.   My sponsors have already restocked me on giveaway  stuff.

It will be nice for me not having to go anywhere but people can enjoy something to eat, have a drink and take in my Kayak Fishing Skool.

My address is 2813 State Road 590  Clearwater  33759

The fourth Thursday of every month, starting in January:  6PM

January 24th is the first one.

February 28 is the second one.   A list of the 2019 topics, 

January:     The Spanish Mackerel; and Smoked fish spread

February:   Late winter trout and topwater lures

March:  Redfish, catch them on lures

April:   The Captain Mel Classic prep, trout and redfish

May:   Pompano and black drum

June:   Efficiency.   Get better at fishing

July:   Fishing at night, the dead of summer

August:    Open discussion.     Your questions, my answers   

September:  Beginners to Kayak Fishing.    Want to try it??

October:   Fishing the Winter months.