Frequently Asked Questions


Is kayak fishing for me?
A majority of the people who go fishing on a charter with Neil Taylor realize that they will enjoy kayak fishing.   The kayak itself, stable and comfortable, particularly compared to a decade ago, the experience is much different than most people expect.

Is it hard to paddle and will I flip over?

No and No.    The beam of the fishing kayak is over 30 inches.   While fishing kayaks are not “fast” they move well in the water with minimal effort and with the width of these boats it is nearly impossible to either flip it or fall out.

Do I need a fishing license?

The charter fee is for kayak fishing so there is no license fee that Strike Three Kayak Fishing can obtain to cover the trip.

How do I get my fishing license?

What should I bring?

When we talk about your trip, I will know a great deal more about your experience and your goals.   For the basic trip where I provide everything just bring your hat, sunglasses, shoes and clothing that can get splashed and anything you would like to eat or drink during the time out on the water.   For those who are trying to build their existing fishing skills, I will usually suggest bringing your rods, reels and tackle.   You may not use them but recommendations can be made based on my evaluation of your gear.

Will I catch fish?

There are no guarantees when it comes to fishing, however, it is rare to have poor results.  Part of your education on an Instructional Kayak Fishing trip with Neil is learning how to select the right tide, go to a good location, intercept fish and get them to eat.  Some days there is wild action with dozens of great fish caught.   Some days are not as fruitful but it is unlikely that the action will be extremely poor.    The days where the feeding is not as strong, it gives Neil more time to work on your technique and teach the philosophies of kayak fishing.

Will we use live bait?

It is not completely impossible that you will use a natural bait on the charter but most kayak anglers want to learn how to use lures.   I use lures made by 12 Fathom (soft plastics) and topwater lures provided by MirrOlure.

Do you fly fish from a kayak?

Absolutely.   My own knowledge of fly fishing is not good enough to instruct.    I will take clients who have a good base of fly fishing skills.   The fly anglers do very well on my charters, in a large part because my Native Watercraft are such a great layout for the fly rodders!

What species will I catch?

This can be a pretty long list.   I get requests for specific species people want to catch or learn how to catch.    The main targets are redfish and speckled trout.    Snook had been a main request prior to the freeze in January of 2010, which killed 95% of that population.   Their comeback is not exceptional.   Other species you are likely to catch over the course of the day:  Flounder, ladyfish, jacks, spanish mackerel and bluefish.    It is possible to also connect with a cobia, pompano and sharks.    Trips to target smaller tarpon are also available.

Do you offer fishing charters at night?

Yes.   Seasonally, the nighttime fishing is often better than the daytime outings, more comfortable and it is safe.  In general, the Strike Three Kayak Fishing trips are “off the beaten path” so encounters with powerboats is minimal, especially at night.   Learn how to have safe nighttime kayak outings.


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