Fly Fishing


The fly fishing clients are my favorite.     I put them on opportunity.   We see what happens.   Often it is outstanding.  Catching a fish on fly is the last challenge.     Neil is not a fly fishing instructor.    If you need instruction, find someone to do that.    But if you want to catch a fish on fly:   Neil will give you the opportunity.

Using Strike Three Kayak Fishing equipment , enjoy the opportunity to try the fly from the fishing kayak.  Additionally, flies are provided, many tied by Neil and look great to the fish.  In the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Captain Mel Classic,  redfish caught were on a Neil Taylor fly

The Native Ultimate is a great watercraft for fly fishing.   A perfect craft for managing your fly line, enjoy the comfort of the boat in your fly fishing outing!

Fly fishing clients with Strike Three Kayak Fishing have enjoyed great opportunities in the past.   Neil is not a fly instructor, so I recommend that you get casting and other fly instruction before your trip.    If you know those basics, Neil will get you to the fish!

Regular charter rates apply for fly fishing trips.

Contact Jeff at,  or 239-443-6310